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  • Jamie T – Kings & Queens (Virgin)

    Jamie T – Kings & Queens (Virgin)

    …it’s also proof that Wimbledon’s favourite son may have jumped ship and has scrambled into his own bright light, grinning back at those who may have doubted his future in the first place, as a star on his own terms.

  • Jamie T – Panic Prevention (Virgin)

    Jamie T – Panic Prevention (Virgin)

    Its elastic kitchen sink delivery is brutally sharp and its wide eyed, agile paced make up nod to all. An album that will challenge anyone to dare steal the soundtrack to his 2007.

  • Glasvegas – Glasvegas (Sony)

    Glasvegas – Glasvegas (Sony)

    Glaswegian hopefuls Glasvegas have not yet fully exploded. It’s almost as if they are waiting for the right time to charge, to invade our ears, to plug in and deliver their own hype…

  • Rubek – Tender Hooks (unsigned)

    Rubek – Tender Hooks (unsigned)

    Overall, Tender Hooks reveals itself as a very personal plea from a new and gifted songwriter, and despite the sheer cheer for all of Burke’s pop ambitions in the shape of ‘My Best Plans’ or ‘Another Dream’, songs that aspire …

  • Portishead – Third (Island)

    Portishead – Third (Island)

    Bristol’s Portishead were that band that went missing ten years ago, yet, it’s almost as if the band never went away at all. It’s almost as if the persistent rumours of the Portishead revival have never really cooled. The public …

  • Morrissey – Years of Refusal

    Morrissey – Years of Refusal

    I can’t help but feel that even if Morrissey’s recent “retirement” revelation had gone unnoticed, overlooked, or maybe unsaid, then the world’s music press, and indeed his devoted army of followers, would still have gladly got their hands dirty dissecting the very guts of Years of Refusal, if only to arrive at this “shock-shock-horror” announcement not long after he did.

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