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  • Ray Gange – The Rude Boy

    Ray Gange – The Rude Boy

    Rude Boy star Ray Gange speaks to Mark Youll about the making of the film, his time on the road with The Clash, and his friend Joe Strummer…

  • Young Knives – Bladerunners

    Young Knives – Bladerunners

    Oxford’s indie kingpins Young Knives are back with brand new album, tour and tales of a disturbing nature….

  • Alphabeat – Pop Idolz

    Alphabeat – Pop Idolz

    Denmark’s shiny new pop pilots have arrived. They are here to spray their own seductive stamp on the slick and melodic charm of 1980s pop. Already the talk of the British live circuit, these joyful juveniles are now about to invade our charts with the most irresistible and infectious anthems this side of Scissor Sisters. Girls and boys, I give you Alphabeat.

  • Craig David – Slicker Than Your Average

    Craig David – Slicker Than Your Average

    What was your inspiration behind this new album? I just wanted to create a record that was reflective of where I was at that time. I was twenty five years old and I was going out to clubs and buying …

  • Johnathan Ansell – Tenor Madness

    Johnathan Ansell – Tenor Madness

    How did the idea of a solo record come about? I was very lucky when we announced the G4 split back in the summer to meet Jonathan Shalit, my new manager, and we approached Universal, EMI and Sony BMG to …

  • James Blunt – The Brightest Star

    James Blunt – The Brightest Star

    How is the tour going? Yeah, we’re having a lot of fun. There are five of us in this band and a healthy size crew, and we’re all great mates that get on really well. This is fortunate because we’re …

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