• Singles Club – Seb Rochford feature

    Singles Club – Seb Rochford feature

    you can’t really go back, to know what it feels like to play hardcore. But then I love really quiet music, from been played Bill Evans from when I was a kid, and I see them as the same thing, whether you’re thrashing hard at the drums or making tiny little sounds, it’s the music..”

  • Fenech-Soler – Feature

    Fenech-Soler – Feature

    The fact of the matter is – despite what the name says to you, where the name takes you, or whether or not a glam tag like Fenech-Soler rivals your Royksopps or flattens your Francois Ks for sheer European exoticness …

  • Magnetic Man – Feature

    Magnetic Man – Feature

    But it’s too late for Magnetic Man. They were pricked by the press some months back and labelled the aforementioned ‘S- word’ following a series of low-key gigs that would see them out road-testing and showcasing an ambitious new act, …

  • Diagram Of The Heart – Feature

    Diagram Of The Heart – Feature

    “Our sound is heartfelt with one foot in the club…definitely one foot in the club”

  • Oil City Confidential – The Dr. Feelgood Story

    Oil City Confidential – The Dr. Feelgood Story

    Director Julian Temple’s tale is typically styled on his previous rockumentaries on principal punk figureheads the Sex Pistols (Filth & the Fury, 2000) and Joe Strummer (The Future Is Unwritten, 2007) in which the story is stitched together using a montage of rich archive footage and narratives from some of the key players.

  • Teddy Thompson – Rising Son

    Teddy Thompson – Rising Son

    Has the country sewn Teddy Thompson finally checked into planet pop?

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