Last of the Troubadours – Sooner the Better EP (Delicious Junction)

By Mark Youll | 11th June, 2012 | album reviews |

Last of the Troubadours

Sooner the Better EP

Record label: Delicious Junction

Release date: May 2012

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And then there was the Last of the Troubadours, a sharp-dressed and mod-possessed quartet born in London, and bourne out of the untimely deaths, or maybe just musical misadventures of another like-minded lot called Connett - singer Darron Connett's former group - and the acoustic ramblings of singer songwriter, and self-confessed Beatles buff, Joel Rogers.

Without giving too much away, without mentioning the fact it’s taken a mere three months for the Troubadours to travel from underground – a run of pale but credible acoustic slots featuring just Connett and Rogers at first (the first of the Troubadors) pitching pale but powerful songs that echoed their own influences, a sort of simultaneous, vocal and verse mash of What’s Going On, Wild Wood and Revolver – to the highly-anticipated release of their aptly-stamped Sooner the Better EP which, without pointing out the potential of potent indie nuggets like ‘Who’s Gonna Love us Know’, ‘Only Remedy’, ‘Audacity of Hope’ and ‘Control The Feeling’- songs with just enough edge, just enough swagger, just enough soul – plays as if it could well capture the hearts and minds of the glut of indies still hungry for heroes out there.

Maybe it would be best to come clean and disclose their own hunger, their own ambition and nerve to maybe challenge the music and moods of their own heroes, if not themselves. For now it might be best to just reveal the invisible ease at which Connett and Rogers – along with powerhouse drummer Luke Jefferies and bassist Rob Pyne, sucked out of stints with Proximity Effect and the Rifles respectively) – are realising these ambitions, and let the public decide the rest when they get to hear their new favourite band.

Mark Youll

  • Jennie

    This is an exceptional EP it has been on heavy rotation in my pad for quite some time, my fave track is AUDACITY OF HOPE but to be fair the whole EP is superb, Jennie Bellestar

  • Bige70

    Inspired stuff, boys. Forget “as good as”, this is better, than pretty much anything else within a hundred miles. keep up the good work – you’re already legends, it’s just that not everyone knows it yet! Ian Taylor, Mad Not Mad Fanzine