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Bourne To Do It - Matthew Bourne Interview

In this exclusive interview with pianist and composer Matthew Bourne he discusses the making of his celebrated Montauk Variations album.

Same As It Ever Was - The Return of Ultrasound.

After a stretched haitus following their untimely break-up in 1999, Ultrasound are back with a new album, Play For Today, that promises to remind all why they were destined to be biggest band in Britain during the closing scenes of Britpop.

Strummered - The Mescaleros Interview

On this, the tenth anniversary of Joe Strummer's untimely passing, members of his celebrated Mescaleros band reflect on their time with the man, his inspiration during the latter years and their shared experiences on being "Strummered".


A Sound and a Vision: The Dylan Howe Interview

Mark Youll interviewed drummer Dylan Howe about his new album Subterrenean – New Designs on Bowie’s Berlin .The recording features Howe’s quintet with Brandon Allen and Julian Siegel on tenor saxophones, Mark Hodgson on double bass and Ross Stanley on piano and synths.

Same As It Ever Was – The Return of Ultrasound

Making music is all about being in the moment, that’s when it feels good and good things happen.”

Strummered – The Mescaleros Interview

Over the three years that produced as many albums and subsequent global tours, the Mescaleros were seen by many as Joe Strummer’s strongest solo persuit. On this, the tenth anniversary of his untimely passing, some of the band’s key players reflect on their time working with the former Clash man, his inspiration musically during the latter years, and their shared experience on being “Strummered”

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Charlie Parker on Dial Septet – Watermill Jazz, Dorking.

From the get-go the show swung hard throughout, but the first set was noteworthy in that it rolled out most of Bird’s biggies first. ‘Ornithology’ was tailed by the ever-seductive sax melody to ‘A Night in Tunisia’ which, over a …

Michael Wollny Trio – Watermill Jazz, Dorking

Here on the second stop of a short European tour that would hear them perform much of their latest record, Weltentraum, this Germany-born band abandoned the traits of the traditional trio for a set that bridged swing, classical-informed ballads, ambient …

Watermill Jazz 20th Anniversary Concert with Derek Nash and Sax Appeal

A player as renowned for his soulful kick as his countless credits, Nash threw his all into this show. When not centre stage, flanked by Scott Garland on alto, Bob McKay on baritone (and flute) and “top tenors” Brandon and …

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Shabaka Hutchings – Son of Kemet

Speaking exclusively about the release of the forthcoming album by his new band Sons of Kemet, leading British saxophonist Shabaka Hutchings also lets slip his motivation for putting together this intense and edgy outfit, and how they will play alongside the BBC concert orchestra in a very special Radio 3-commissioned performance at this year’s London Jazz Festival.

The Real People – Mersey Paradise (interview with Chris & Tony Griffiths)

Moments before their one-off show in London to promote their lastest album Think Positive, Chief Realies Chris and Tony Griffiths spoke to Mark Youll about the twenty-five year history of the group, and their influence on the countless bands that site them as the original makers and shakers of what later became Britpop.

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